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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because it doesn’t require any restructuring of your actual teeth, but you can still leave the dentist’s chair with a brighter smile.
In the past several years, people have become more preoccupied with the particulars of our appearance such as the shade of our teeth.
Whiter teeth are in fashion and it is no surprise how many people turn to teeth-whitening to find their confidence and improve their self-image.

That’s where Dental Beauty Bromley comes in because we understand how insecurities that can breed from your teeth can have a massive daily impact on your day-to-day life.

What is teeth whitening and how does it work?

Your journey to whiter teeth at Dental Beauty Bromley starts with a consultation, whereby the qualified dentist will take X-rays to inspect your teeth and create a bespoke package for you.

The impressions are taken so your custom lab-made aligners are ready for the whitening process to begin.

After receiving your custom-fitting home whitening trays and your full whitening gel kit, you will be instructed to pop a small amount of that gel on the trays every night.
These are worn nightly, so to say that they do not affect your daily life, and you are able to stop whitening at the shade you are happy with!

This easy procedure leaves you with youthful-looking teeth!
Here at Dental Beauty Bromley, we want to dispel any myths and misconceptions regarding the whitening of your teeth. There are many false statements about this cosmetic procedure circulating on the internet such as:

  • Teeth whitening abrades tooth enamel
  • You cannot whiten your teeth if you already have sensitive teeth
  • Over-the-counter options are just as effective


Patients are concerned about their dental health and do not want to put themselves in harm’s way for cosmetic purposes. A false misconception is that teeth whitening abrades the tooth enamel when in reality the ingredients target the enamel consequently, brightening the tooth inside out.
During teeth whitening treatment, sensitivity may be aggravated if you already suffer from sensitive teeth. However, with this being said just because your teeth are sensitive does not mean that you cannot whiten them. When you first visit your dentist, your dentist will pay attention to any areas at risk for increased sensitivity and will treat you accordingly. Also, your dentist can reduce the peroxide from 10% to 5% to make the process easier.
With all dental treatments, it is extremely vital to be in the hands of someone who is qualified to ensure no harm is inflicted on the patient. At Dental Beauty Bromley, we ensure that the ingredients we use are of top-quality to ensure that the client does not suffer from harmful and abrasive ingredients.
If you want to see real-life teeth whitening results, head over to our Instagram page where you can see brighter smiles! We want our results to speak for ourselves.

Dental Beauty has over 30 practices whereby you can be on your journey to get a brighter smile and confidence all wrapped into one. Come to Dental Beauty Bromley to get your smile transformed by our award-winning dentists!

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